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"Critan" is Japanese of "create your own tumbler" sold in Starbucks abbreviation.

Tumblers usually sold in Starbucks are three sizes short(8 oz.), Tall(12 oz.), and Grande(16 oz.), and some vicinity of the center is thin as had it easily. "Critan" can remove a black part in the bottom only to a short size, and can exchange "Paper pattern (sleeve)" that entered the space. Therefore, straight and the size become grand levels like usual paper cup and cup made of plastic, etc.It seems to be only a forward stock without the production schedule now though there seems to have been "Critan" of the toll also in Japan in old times. (´・ω・`)

The rest was gotten by the pain in a right leg and the favor of swelling and the paper pattern for this "Critan" was made today because it was a leave.
This is Pinky:st. The paper pattern of the type. The icon that "Mr.bit" had made was displayed in order of the sale.
Here is an urban map type of Seattle. The logo mark is pasted to the address of Starbucks.
Pinky:st. There are sepia styles the type, the map type, and respectively, too.
This is an idea gotten from saying as "Mr.nicnic" of the Starbucks community of mixi. It is a translation because it can remove the part in the bottom to say the message of thanks to the clerk by using it.

Because one drink service ticket has adhered to the tumbler of Starbucks, whether it uses then and there or it uses it later : in the favorite ・・・ However, not the bought bringing the tumbler it, it is useless later.

Moreover, it is a thing said becoming the resource saving of the paper cup and the cup made of plastic when the tumbler (Or, mug it) is brought and there is a cup discount of 20 yen. If it is drunk that they are 15 cups in Critan as for "Starbucks Latte" though are little amount, it is ..floatage.. ..as many as one cup.. calculation. Using Starbucks will often buy "Critan" and a usual tumbler. - Season and tumbler ♪ of regional limitation.
*I think an English translation for a lot of mistranslations to exist.

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